Surge Protector

Surge Protector

Surge Protector

A power surge is a spike of energy that goes to one or more of your electronic devices. Even a small increase in voltage can destroy many of your electronics, especially consumer electronics that include microprocessors. This includes everything from TVs to refrigerators. A surge protector is a device that stops the excess energy from reaching your devices. Contact Clear Energy America today to keep your electronics safe.

What Causes Power Surges

A power surge is caused when there is an increase in the current flowing into a home or office. They can also occur when something in your home or office boosts the charge to another point in the electrical circuit.

Internal Power Surges

Most power surges occur from within your home or office. Normally, these surges are caused when an appliance or device turns on, such as a washer or other large equipment. It can also be caused by small but powerful devices, such as a hair dryer.

External Power Surges

External power surges happen outside of the home or business, and are caused by lightning strikes, tree limbs touching a power line, or an outage in the transformers. External power surges can be much more powerful, and will not only ruin your equipment, but also cause bodily injury.

How We Can Help

Surge ProtectorA surge protector keeps you and your electronics safe from the dangerous effects of a power surge. Surge protectors work by diverting the excess power away from your devices and back out of your home through your ground wires. They ensure your devices continue working without interruption, and you’ll save money not having to replace them unnecessarily.

Contact Clear Energy America

To keep your devices safe during a surge we recommend a surge protector that will divert any excess electricity away from your devices. Call Clear Energy America today at (855) 349-6101!

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